Month: November 2020

  • How to ID & Avoid a Phone Text Scam

    How to ID & Avoid a Phone Text Scam

    In the last few years, scammers have gotten smarter at using text messages to lure victims into phishing scheme traps. Their goal is to use these phone text scams, also referred to as SMS scams, to get your bank account or credit card details and other private information. How do you avoid a phone text […]

  • Should I upgrade to Big Sur? Blue Mountains Mac Geek explains

    Apple is always working on bringing us the best wizbangy features to use on their systems. Should I upgrade to Big Sur? I love upgrading to the latest version any time I can. I’m one of those early geeks who downloads a version of Linux just to see what it can do. But what about […]

  • Where to take my Macbook Pro for repair?

    Where to take my MacBook pro for repair? I know I know your first thought that I’m going to suggest myself for the repair, you are not wrong however sometimes the answer is not clear as you would think. we always try to get more information about the Macbook Pro before telling you where to […]

  • Amazon Phone Scam in Lithgow

    Amazon Phone Scam in Lithgow

    I’m one of those people who get really excited when someone calls to scam me. This week we got a new one. The Amazon Phone Scam. I’m currently setting up my lab computer in a way where it will be safe for me to give them remote access. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME I […]

  • Apple Computer Repairs Lithgow 2790

    Apple Computer Repairs Lithgow 2790

    Need Apple Computer Repairs in Lithgow? With 15 years of experience servicing Apple Computers. I am an Apple Award-winning support tech who actually worked for Apple for eight years! Five working at Applecare as a Software Specialist and three as an Apple Genius at the Bondi Apple store. We have been slowly moving westward until […]