Month: March 2021

  • Isolating for 14 Days! So switching to Phone Support

    Isolating for 14 Days! So switching to Phone Support

    Hey folks my wife is arriving from Brisbane on April First after business hours! She will be self-isolating for 14 days after her COVID test. I will also be limiting my exposure to the outside world until the 14th. We value your health and safety and want everyone to keep healthy! We will be resuming […]

  • Recover lost photos on a Mac

    Recover lost photos on a Mac

    Anyone over the age of 35 has a shoebox of a thousand photos. This is why we all love storing our photos on our computers. But what happens when the computer starts to have issues and all your photos are on that computer? Apple is not immune to these problems. In fact, it was part […]

  • OSX Malware Vectors

    OSX Malware Vectors

    Don’t Panic! I know that this topic can get complex and technical very quickly. But the goal of this blog post is to give information to users who have never actually removed malware from their Mac. You seasoned Mac security professionals need not dawdle. You will most likely get bored. The point is, even a […]

  • How kids outsmart parental controls

    How kids outsmart parental controls

    Kids are smart. Blocking websites is one thing, but keeping them from using the computer all day is a whole different story. Here are some tricks I noticed kids using to get around the Parental controls. Though this mostly covers OSX parental controls, I’m sure that some of these situations apply to Windows users. Permission […]

  • MacBook Batteries: Testing new Suppliers

    All Batteries wear out at some point. MacBooks are not immune to battery failure. Replacing MacBook Batteries is not a hard task however I have not been happy with the quality of batteries my previous employers have used. Many will work just fine for an HP or a PC but will cause a Macbook pro […]

  • Bad Kitty Good Passwords Video

    Bad Kitty Good Passwords Video

    I was visiting a student in Katoomba for basic OSX training. I noted that they had a really bad password. A VERY bad password. When I mentioned they should change the Password they suggested they put a one at the end of their password. This inspired me for this episode “Bad Kitty Good Passwords” Video. […]

  • Why is it important to have different passwords?

    Why is it important to have different passwords?

    We all hate passwords. The good ones are hard to remember and the others do not really protect you. This video is part of our new series that will help explain some of the problems with using the same password for everything. Your password is only as good at the weakest website Yes, there is […]

  • Does Anti-virus slow down Macs?

    Does Anti-virus slow down Macs?

    I wish I could really give this a simple answer. I have been a Mac Technician for over 15 years with a strong focus on software (anyone can turn screws, really, the devil is always in the software detail). Originally, my opinion of Anti-virus for Macs was, at best PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Program), and at […]

  • Security Update for Apple!

    Security Update for Apple!

    Apple just released a new Security update. Though most Apple updates will often address new features and app stability this is a Security update! What else is interesting is that this is more than an OS update iOS, iPadOS, Watch OS and Safari have all been updated as well. I personally do not remember Security […]

  • Restoring old Apple Macs

    Restoring old Apple Macs

    As a Mac tech, I am often given old Apple Macs for “Recycling” or “Parts”. (I am very careful to make sure that all the customer data has been removed) Recently I have been given a few old Apple Macs that would be great to have in a museum. G4 Macbook 2 White MacBooks Old […]