Month: May 2021

  • Busy Week, Mac Repairs Katoomba, Lithgow Chamber of Commerce and Phone Repairs

    This has been a very busy week. It seems that I am moving in the right direction. I’m starting to get repeat clients as well as starting to get a reputation in the area as “The Mac Guy”. Hell I have even got a few Mac Repairs in Katoomba! Repeat clients in Katoomba One of […]

  • Keynote tips before a presentation

    Keynote tips before a presentation

    In a previous post about Keynote, I had mentioned that this is one of the software packages I used to support while working at Applecare in California. In the five years of answering panicked calls from customers who had problems with Keynote, I have a few tips. That will not only reduce your stress but […]

  • We have moved!!!!!

    Good business is not about how many of your competitors you remove from the market but the great “win-win” deals you make along the way. Yesterday we made one of those “Win-Win” situations thanks to Lithgow Tech Services. We are now moving our Phone Repair Service into Lithgow Tech Services and are working towards the […]

  • Mac Experts have problems with computers too

    There is this myth that Mac Experts never have problems with their computers. I can tell you this is a total myth because I’m currently reloading the OS on my Macbook Pro. So why do computer techs never seen to have problems with their computers. I’m going to talk about a few of those reasons […]

  • The case of the Time Machine that was out of time.

    The case of the Time Machine that was out of time.

    Now and then a customer will bring me an interesting case. Something that I have to actually think about instead of knowing the solution off the top of my head. This is where having an understanding of how OSX operates and a good sense of logic comes in. The Vintage Mac So the customer had […]

  • Lithgow Needs business blogs

    When I decided to start my own Mac repair business in a small town I overlooked one small detail. Macs do not break on a regular basis. While the PC folks would say that is not true and I should have plenty to do …. my lack of a current model mac or a sports […]

  • How to make an award using Apple Pages App

    How to make an award using Apple Pages App

    Here is a secret. I’m not a fan of Microsoft Word. I never have been. Though it has all kinds of features that are so important that my wife Marc insists on having a current subscription. I however ALMOST refuse to use it. I can teach it but I never open Microsoft Word on my […]

  • View of my Desk at the Repair Shop

    Have you ever wanted to see a Computer Geeks Desk? I have to admit that it is not anything fancy. I don’t have anything expensive to show off. No latest Macbook Pros. No Purple M1 iMac. Not even unnecessary LED lights on the mouse and keyboard. Just the tools of the trade for repairing Macs […]

  • Time Machine your M1 Mac!!

    I do not have an M1 Mac yet! You know those expensive hobbies like living indoors and eating seem to get in the way of upgrading my computers. (That is ok I’m really good at keeping the old Macbooks running) The M1 Mac is fast, crazy battery life, and a data recovery nightmare. It will […]

  • Senior Tech Classes Blue Mountians

    If you are a senior in the Blue Mountains, Katoomba or Lithgow area and you need a little help understanding Tech, I am here to help. I have been teaching seniors how to make tech work for them for over 20 years. How to use iPads, iPhones and Android It seems that some people have […]