Month: October 2021

  • Should you upgrade to macOS Monterey today?

    I personally love it when there is a new operating system to explore. I like to play with all of the new features Apple has to offer. I also love playing with the little quirks that sometimes happens when a new OS comes out. … Then again I’m geeky like that… upgrading to macOS Monterey […]

  • I forgot my Airtag existed

    Part two of my review of the Apple AirTag. I forgot that I had it. The good thing is that it is not something that I will be always bugging you for attention. The bad thing is that when you need it you need to remember that is an option to recover your lost items. […]

  • USB-C is not evil!

    If you have purchased a new Macbook or iMac in the last few years you will have what you think is the “Evil USB-C” port. This is the tiny USB port that everyone is fighting. But I’m here to ask “What did USB-C ever do to you?? USB-C is not evil! just misunderstood. USB-C is […]

  • Get your Mac fixed

    Is it time to get your Mac fixed? Or do you need to buy a new M1 MacBook? This is a very good question. Unfortunately, it is not an easy answer. What is wrong with your old mac? Does it do everything that you need? Do you have the money needed to invest in a […]