Month: January 2022

  • Big Social Media privacy mistakes will get you hacked!

    I know that you folks are aware that I repair Mac Computers in Lithgow… but I’m also am studying Hacking (Makes me better at online security … no I’m not going to hack your friend’s wifi ). Part of that is passwords, how to track someone online etc. But a major part of it is […]

  • Lonely Harts Scam: Case Cosed She got away

    Looks like this one got away. It’s been three weeks since we have had any communication. Alice has started sending me more images of their “Child”. This is directly aimed at the heartstrings. Unfortunately, I was too busy with my real life to respond other than a few short words. If you think of it, […]

  • Senior Computer Training:  Most mistakes wins!

    Senior Computer Training: Most mistakes wins!

    Teaching adults how to use a computer is something that I’m passionate about. I not only get paid to do this but I believe that everyone has the ability to learn. Over the last 15 years of providing Senior Computer Training, I have heard every excuse on the planet by someone who thinks they cannot […]

  • Stress and, how adults learn computers

    Stress is a major factor when learning new software. Regardless if you are a computer expert or someone who is not thrilled about having to use a mouse to order pizza. Here are a few things that I have noted about how stress can affect how adults learn computers. Observations of stress in a Keynote […]

  • Glitter Bomb Vs Scammers

    Glitter Bomb Vs Scammers

    This is a great video by Mark Rober that talks about how some of these scammers work. He not only talks about how they catch a scammer using a glitter bomb but how the entire scam is structured. This is a great video to send to seniors who seem to fall for this kind of […]

  • Do I repair Windows 10 computers in Lithgow?

    Some of my clients will ask if I repair Windows 10 computers? Honestly, I can work with the hardware as that part is relatively simple. But Microsoft Windows is not something I have used in about 15 years. I refer everyone to Lithgow Tech Services on Main Street. I am impressed with Lithgow Tech Services […]

  • Senior Mac Classes: Am I too old to learn computers?

    Senior Mac Classes: Am I too old to learn computers?

    NO!!! You are not !! I have been teaching Senior Mac Classes for over 15 years. It is very rare that there is someone who can’t learn about computers. However, what is very common is people who refuse to learn computers. This blog post is going to address some of the more common statements I […]

  • Anatomy of a Lonely Hearts Scam: “Day 8 How long will it take”

    Anatomy of a Lonely Hearts Scam: “Day 8 How long will it take”

    I have been asked how long do you think it will take before “Alice” tried to take my money? In this blog post, I’m going to explain the number one weapon of the lonely hearts scam artist. Patience. If you are just joining us then I recommend looking at the previous posts! Previous Posts What […]

  • TimeMachine like clicking “Undo” but yesterday!

    If you have spent any time on a computer whatsoever you get familiar with “Undo”. This simple little command has saved me countless hours of having to recover work that accidentally was deleted, or I clicked on the wrong button etc. But what happens if you did something you needed to “undo” but did not […]

  • People hate passwords

    People hate passwords

    I have been teaching adults how to use computers for over 15 years now. My favourite class to teach is for seniors who just need a little help getting past some of the concepts of using a computer. Some love using computers to do creative projects or make their business life just a little bit […]