Month: February 2022

  • SugarDaddy Scam Part 3 (The Proof….NOT)

    We are back again with the Sugar Daddy Scam.. This week we are going to talk about his ” special girl”. and why he sent this image. Wow, look at that money … So what? I see this a lot in advertising and scams (Sometimes they are the same thing). The reason why they use […]

  • The Streamer Sugar Daddy Scam (Part Two)

    The Streamer Sugar Daddy Scam (Part Two)

    So last week we talked a little about my friend who is a streamer friend of mine who was approached by a scammer on her Instagram.The sugardaddy scam (Part One) We talked a little about how streamers work very hard at their craft however this sometimes makes them the perfect target for a scam. Saying […]

  • Stupid Scammer Tricks!

    Stupid Scammer Tricks!

    So just last night I posted on Instagram about a sugar daddy scam. Ok great, I do this often. But then this stupid scammer makes a comment on the same Instagram Post that is talking about how I hunt scammers. I warn him… So as you can see I mock him and even give him […]

  • The sugardaddy scam (Part One)

    The sugardaddy scam (Part One)

    I had a friend of mine contact me about a “Sugardaddy scam”. who approached her on her Instagram. Because not all my readers are aware of what goes into creating a stream I will explain it so you understand why falling for a Sugardaddy scam is not just about greed. For those of you who […]

  • How to remember passwords: Part two

    How to remember passwords: Part two

    it is hard to remember passwords. If you are a senior or adult who keeps forgetting passwords… guess what? Not only are you not alone but it has nothing to do with being a senior. My kids were always forgetting their passwords to the email account they use for homework (Oddly enough not the password […]