Where to get Digital Drawing tablets in Lithgow

A lot of people are unaware, but I am actually an artist. Being a tech person is relatively new to me compared to my lifelong passion for art. I have been interested in digital painting and drawing for quite some time and own a few digital drawing tablets like the Wacom Intuos, as well as a vintage Wacom tablet from the early 90s.

The main challenge with digital tablets is their cost, along with the expensive software options if you go for the latest and greatest. However, I want to share that there are alternative options to Wacom tablets that won’t break the bank. One such option is X-Pen tablets, which are affordable and compatible with Macs, Linux computers, and even my favourite digital drawing software.

Recently, I had the unfortunate experience of losing the stylus for my Wacom tablet, and when I started looking for a replacement, I found that most of them were priced around $80, excluding shipping. It was quite frustrating. But then, in the corner of the page, I noticed an ad for X-Pen!

Intrigued, I conducted some research and discovered that X-Pen tablets not only fit my budget but also offered compatibility with my Macs and Linux machines. Additionally, they were designed to work seamlessly with my preferred digital drawing software. So, I’ve decided to order one for myself and test it out.

I believe it’s important to personally vouch for the products I sell in my shop. As an artist, I need a digital drawing tablet not only for my personal work but also for the classes I plan to teach on software like Krita, GIMP, and Moho animation. This seems like the perfect opportunity to purchase a tablet and evaluate its performance.

The X-Pen

Deco 03 Wireless

Drawing Pen Tablet with Battery-Free Passive Stylus and 6 Shortcuts A red dial and six customizable express keys
8192 levels of pressure sensitivity
Wireless, Type-C input

This will retail in my shop for about $185.00

digital drawing tablet

Tips on using a digital drawing tablet for the first time.

Never start on an important project.

This is perhaps the most important and the most difficult for people to understand. Often what will happen is that people will get a tablet and then want to start right away on their artistic masterpiece. Then become instantly frustrated with how the device and the software work.

What people do not understand is that there is a learning curve with these devices. It will take practice. By not starting with an important project you can start getting used to the device and the software without the stress. I always tell people to open a blank page and start drawing squiggles and expect it to be the worst painting they have ever created.

A bigger price tag does not mean better results.

The amount if times I have seen someone spend a ton of money on equipment and software only to discover that what they really needed was more practice and talent. Do not expect that throwing money into software and equipment will make you instant success in the art world. It will take time and a lot of it!