How to avoid Tech Scams for seniors!

How to avoid Phone Scams For Seniors April 8th 2-3 PM

In the last year, Lithgow has lost more than 200,000 to Phone scams. (And those are just the ones who come and talk to me…. I am sure there is a lot more) We are constantly being bombarded with text scams, Amazon Prime Scams, ATO, and Australia Post Scams. But how do we defend against them? EDUCATION!

This CLASS IS FREE! (Future classes will be priced normally)


We remove tech from the conversation and explain why these scams are older than the Telephone. Even if you have never seen a computer before in your life you will understand every word mentioned in this class

This class is specifically designed to educate seniors on how to avoid falling prey to phone scams, which are becoming increasingly common in today’s world. T. It will also teach seniors how to identify and report fraudulent calls.

The class will be conducted by Kevin Mason who studies Scams and has a deep understanding of the tactics used by scammers to deceive and defraud seniors. They will provide tips and strategies for identifying and avoiding scams, including how to recognize red flags and common scammer techniques.

The class will be interactive and engaging, with opportunities for participants to ask questions and share their own experiences with phone scams. By the end of the course, seniors will have the knowledge and skills needed to protect themselves from phone scams and will be able to confidently navigate the digital world.

  • No Tech Skills needed
  • Relatable examples
  • “Guess the Scam Text Message game”

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