Do Macs get Viruses? Mac Malware Removal in the Blue Mountains.

Before we get started we need to talk about the difference between a Virus and Malware. A virus is a rather nasty kind of malware that tries to infect as many computers as possible and does not require a lot of effort on your part to do so. Malware is software that is meant to do something that does not benefit you in any way. Such as take your credit card details tries to spy on you or even redirect all your online searches to a new search engine.

Do Macs get Viruses?. NO.. Malware Yes!

Viruses on a mac are like “Bigfoot” every PC user knows a PC user who’s cousin has been infected by a mac virus. Truth is In the 15 years of being a Mac Tech I have never seen an actual Apple Virus. However, I have seen Malware that infects a Mac. Malware for macs does exist and but they do require you do to something to be infected.

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How did I get the Malware on my iMac?

Short answer: You installed it.

Malware is a program or application. Just like all the other great software on a mac you need to use your password to install it. Sorry to say it but malware is like a Vampire on a mac. You need to invite it into your home before it can cause you any harm. This means that at some point if your system is infected, you or someone who uses the computer put in the admin password to install the software.

How do I remove malware from my Mac?

For the most part, simply uninstalling the software will work. However, there are some clever malware programmers out there who are very sneaky. They will put part of the software in places where a normal computer user should avoid. You can find Mac Anti-Malware software. Though I personally do not recommend them as they can really slow down your computer. (Technically not bad just something you need to be aware of)

This is where a Mac software expert like myself comes in. I have been removing malware from Macs for some time now. Honestly, I kind of get excited when a customer has brought me new malware I have not seen before. (I am that Geeky)

Do iPhones get malware ?

From what I have seen no. However, you should always install apps from the app store and not from some website. Apple reviews every app that is on the App Store, But if you feel your iPhone is doing something odd. there is a good chance that something else is wrong with your phone and it needs to be repaired.

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