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I love podcasts for me they are the easiest way to process new information. Podcasting is actually what got me into learning about OSX and Linux in the first place. I have even produced a few podcasts of my own. One on my art (Now Podfaded) and a second podcast Called the Star-Fall Sci-fi RPG Podcast.(Still active)

But How about some Podcasts about Apple Computers & OSX?

Over the last week, I have been collecting some really amazing podcasts that relate to all things Apple. Some will cover the basics and others are created by my peers. Just by listening to these folks, I can tell they hosts know their stuff even if the topic seems basic.

In the listing, I have included the same tags I use for my blog posts to give you an idea of what level of Mac knowledge you can expect from their topics. Thought I do recommend listing to them all regardless of the level (How else are you going to learn?)

Mac Power Users Podcast
Mac Observer Podcast
Mac OSX News
OSX Security Podcast

Mac Power Users Podcast

This is a great podcast. They are called the Mac Power users for a reason. Even I have learned a little bit from their podcast. This is perfect for someone who is already familiar with Macs but wants to learn more. Topics are very diverse so there is a little bit of everything for everyone.

  • In this episode of the Software Club, David and Stephen talk about Fantastical and how it compares to Apple's default Calendar application. Michael Simmons then joins them to discuss Fantastical's history and the changes he's seen in the Apple software ecosystem over the years.
  • Kaitlin Salzke is an accountant, student and programmer who has built a library of OmniFocus automations. This week she joins David and Stephen to talk about using Javascript for automation, working on a PC during the week and pushing the boundaries of what macOS can do.

The Mac Observer Podcast

Mac OSX Podcasts

This is more than just a podcast. The topics range from News about Apple products and OSX to some down and dirty information. Great information for computer geeks like me. I actually have a rule to not visit their webpage when I’m working or else nothing else will get done.

MacBreak Weekly

Mac OSX Podcasts

You really need to watch this. It is mostly news and information about Apple Products. This group has the finger on the pulse of all things Apple. Also, I have met Leo Laporte in person. He happens to be one of those people who are actually nicer in person than he is on the radio (That is saying something)

Intego Mac Podcast

This is all about Mac Security. I have been listening to this non-stop since I discovered it last week. Though the information they are providing is in an easy to understand format, The topic of Mac security can only be simplified so much without using jargon. I highly recommend this for anyone who is interested in Mac Security.

This may be my New Favourite Podcast.

Aussie Mac Zone

Aussie Mac Zone podcast, Collection of Mac OSX Podcasts

With Over 370 Episodes It will be impossible to keep listen to them all. This is a great podcast for those folks who want to get a view of the Apple world while eating Vegemite toast.

Mac Admins Podcast

This is looking at Apple Computers from an Admin perspective. This is proof that you can find anything on the internet, and I love it! As we move our business towards providing admin support for companies and schools I’m going to be spending a LOT of time listening to this podcast.

Though you do not need to be an OSX admin to enjoy this podcast a lot of the topics would leave novice and beginner listeners scratching their heads

  • It’s just us again, and that means we’re talking about everything going on right now. Layoffs, new hardware, Ventura and […]
  • We’ve wanted to have an episode with MacPaw since far before Ukraine was invaded on February 24th, 2022. Then we […]

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