Major OSX Security Update! Update Now!

Apple Fixes a huge security flaw but you need to update! On Monday, April 26 Apple released a major security update for OSX! This update will address a flaw in Apples OSX security that is actively being exploited by hackers and cybercriminals. This means it is not a theory! Someone is using the exploit toContinue reading “Major OSX Security Update! Update Now!”

OSX App Review: KeyPad

When I worked for Apple it was against my contract to do any App reviews. Even giving any kind of star rating using my personal account made me a little nervous. So I have avoided doing OSX App Review at all together for the past 15 years. That is about to change. As I haveContinue reading “OSX App Review: KeyPad”

M1 iMac and AirTags, I Told you!!!

Did I get up at 3 AM to watch the Apple Announcement about the M1 iMac? Yes, I did. I was up at 3:AM watching the event. I’m geeky like that. In a previous post about my predictions about the Apple Spring Loaded event, My predictions were actually not too bad. Everything that I predictedContinue reading “M1 iMac and AirTags, I Told you!!!”

New Apple Event!! April 20th

I’m excited! I used to really love the apple events even before I worked there. This is something that If I had the day off I would stop everything and watch Steve Jobs walking across the stage and wowing everyone with every word. Working at Apple I was always kept in the dark about whatContinue reading “New Apple Event!! April 20th”

Help Lithgow Avoid Email Scams: The Inheritance Lawyer

Like most days I love to get up make breakfast sit in my backyard and breath in the clean blue mountains air. I will often drink my coffee while I look at my email. It’s a good way to start my day. But today I noted that I’m getting more email scams than normal. IContinue reading “Help Lithgow Avoid Email Scams: The Inheritance Lawyer”

My MacBook Pro 15″ Repair: Part 2

In my previous post about the issues, I was having problems with my Personal MacBook Pro 15″ Repair. I mentioned that I need to do a little more troubleshooting before I could really pronounce the MacBook Dead. Because it was the weekend and I was not near my workshop I was unable to remove theContinue reading “My MacBook Pro 15″ Repair: Part 2”

MacBook Repair: My Personal unit

There is a belief that Computer Techs never have issues with computers. That computers always seem to work around us. However, this is a myth. I have problems with my computers all the time. The difference is that I know how to fix the issue or know where to find the answers I need toContinue reading “MacBook Repair: My Personal unit”

OSX Time Machine FAQ

Living in NSW makes you think about what would happen if you needed to evacuate your home and leave your computer behind. What would happen to your data? Could the data be recovered from fire damage or flood damage? The answer to both of those questions is YES! However, the process is very expensive andContinue reading “OSX Time Machine FAQ”

The Facebook Data Breach! Get ready for scams!

In 2019 Facebook had a data leak where the personal information of 500 million people was extracted by hackers. The problem is that now that the hackers have the information they wanted they have recently made the rest of the info public on the dark web. This means that anyone who can access the darkContinue reading “The Facebook Data Breach! Get ready for scams!”