How long do apple repairs take

how long do apple repairs take? is a common question I get every day. I wish there was an easy answer for this. Honestly, any Apple repair technician that says anything other than “It depends” is not very good at their job. There are a lot of factors that will determine how fast we can fix yourContinue reading “How long do apple repairs take”

Is your Macbook overheating?

My Macbook is overheating what can I do about it? This is a common question I get with customers about their Macbooks. This post will help you decide if your Macbook needs to be fixed or you just need to change some settings. What do you mean overheating? I hear the word overheating. but isContinue reading “Is your Macbook overheating?”

Mac Backup … is it important?

“There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who back up and those who wish they did…. “ ~Unknown Tech support guy That phrase has been a mantra of mine for years. Every year around HSCs we would have devastated teens bring in their liquid damaged laptops praying that we would be ableContinue reading “Mac Backup … is it important?”

My Love/Hate Relationship with the Mac Mini

There are business owners who have plenty of money to start a new business and then hire people with the skills to turn their vision into a workable company. I’m on the opposite end of that spectrum. I have all the skills needed to do almost any repair on a Mac or the OSX. However,Continue reading “My Love/Hate Relationship with the Mac Mini”

All hard drives are Mac hard drives

When I was working in a computer retail shop in Katoomba, we would often get people coming into find external hard drives for their Apple Computer. They would walk to the section with the drives and be confused when all the products on display were for PC. Or they would see Mac labelled drives butContinue reading “All hard drives are Mac hard drives”

Cookies on a Mac

Everyone is always asking about cookies. Are Cookies Malware? Nope! You have cookies on your mac right now! However, they are not harmful … mostly. What are cookies? Why do you care? And how do you get rid of them? It is bad to have targeted ads? I can tell when my wife has beenContinue reading “Cookies on a Mac”