Moving our web hosting service. we might be offline.

Hey folks! We are moving our web hosting to Australian servers. As much as this sort of move is seamless there are times that something unexpected happens. So we might be offline for a few hours! Don’t worry we will be back. Why are we moving our servers? Better customer service. I happen to knowContinue reading “Moving our web hosting service. we might be offline.”

How to fight disinformation trolls!

Q: Why do you argue with the plague rats? It’s not like you are going to change their mind? A: I’m not trying to convert them. I’m using their techniques against them. Trolls are not about convincing you. They are about putting on a show for others. By receptivity showing their audience, they are fullContinue reading “How to fight disinformation trolls!”

Most scams have nothing to do with Tech

I am not just a Mac computer expert. I study scams and disinformation. I’m that guy who goes through his spam folder just to find new scams, reading them line per line just to get a better understanding on how they work. Most of the scams that I’m seeing lately have very little to doContinue reading “Most scams have nothing to do with Tech”

Vaccine Disinformation Dirty Tricks: Links to their buddy.

Websites love links! They thrive on them! Websites that do not have links on their webpage will almost always score very low on Google. The thing about creating links on a website is that you never accidentally create one. You always have to make the choice of what kind of link you are going toContinue reading “Vaccine Disinformation Dirty Tricks: Links to their buddy.”

Scams and Disinformation Same thing!

Scams target your bank account, Disinformation targets your culture. So over the past year, I have been hearing a lot of people talking about COVID-19 Vaccines. They often say “Do your research”. but what they really mean is to watch this Youtube video. They are often armed with catchy memes that claim this is aContinue reading “Scams and Disinformation Same thing!”