Lonely Hearts Scam: Day 6 “Or is it an investment Scam?”

After today’s interaction with “Alice”, I’m starting to think that this may not be a Lonley hearts scam. No no no .. there is little chance that a millionaire has fallen in love with me. (I was not even trying to be charming). But I’m starting to think this is a different kind of scam.Continue reading “Lonely Hearts Scam: Day 6 “Or is it an investment Scam?””

Lonely Hearts Scam: Day 5 “Showing money you don’t have”

As the conversation with the con artists continues. The conversation is starting to take some interesting steps. “Alice” is starting to show off some of “Her money” by showing off her new car. The conversation was me just asking if they had a good day. I’m not one for cars. Honestly, my midlife crisis wouldContinue reading “Lonely Hearts Scam: Day 5 “Showing money you don’t have””

Lonely Hearts Scam: Day 4 “Be my hero”

It’s been a busy week for me on the whole scam front. Someone attempted to con me into a remote access scam yesterday. They were disappointed when I wasted a lot of their time. (Shame that my call recorder did not work…I will get them next time) Then I had a second lonely hearts scammerContinue reading “Lonely Hearts Scam: Day 4 “Be my hero””

Bitcoin Scam that ALMOST caught me…Almost

Talking with Crypto scammers Part of my study into Con artists is to talk to a scammer on the phone pretending to be a “Mark”. Where some people are interested in the scam itself and how they get your money. For me, I want to know the mechanics of how they can get someone toContinue reading “Bitcoin Scam that ALMOST caught me…Almost”

Anatomy of a “Lonely Hearts Scam” Day Three: Hinting at Romance

IF you are new here I study scams as well as repair Mac computers and just a touch of cybersecurity. I don’t just study who did what and why. But how the scams work. I study the psychology of scams and disinformation. The goal is to someday get a degree on this very topic. NotContinue reading “Anatomy of a “Lonely Hearts Scam” Day Three: Hinting at Romance”

Am I sure this is a Lonely hearts Scam?

The ongoing saga of me documenting a lonely hearts scam. A friend of mine mentioned that perhaps this is a real person reaching out to me just to have a conversation. Yes, that is very possible. but I really doubt it. Let’s talk about how I have come to this conclusion. Looking at the informationContinue reading “Am I sure this is a Lonely hearts Scam?”

New Phone Scam! Remote access to your phone!

I have heard about this scam for a while but yesterday was the first time that I have seen it in person. This trick allows the scammer to access your phone and bank account remotely. However for the scam to work you have to give them access. NEVER DO THAT. How the scam works TheContinue reading “New Phone Scam! Remote access to your phone!”

Why I do not remote into your computer?

I get asked all the time if I can remote into a computer and fix the problem. Though this sounds like it would be convenient for most customers it opens them up for later scams. Most phone scams these days involve remote access. Using real software used by tech professionals to remotely fix problems withContinue reading “Why I do not remote into your computer?”

OSX El Capitan too old – Maybe Try Linux

If you are running into problems with not being able to use some websites on your old Macbook or iMac. It could be that you are using OSX 10.11. (Or older) This version of OSX is no longer getting software updates from Apple. (It came out in 2015 and in internet years that is VERYContinue reading “OSX El Capitan too old – Maybe Try Linux”