Blue Mountains Adult Tech Classes FAQ

Folks have been asking me all kinds of questions about my classes. I figured it would be a good time to get all the answers in the same place. So here we go with the Blue Mountains Adult Tech Classes FAQ

Smartphone Questions and Answsers

Here is the most common questions for smartphones last year!

iPhone 11 Repairs Lithgow

Nothing is worse than having an iPhone tumble off your car hood and land face-first on the pavement. In contrast, I can not help you prevent dropping your phone in the first place. What I can do is have your iPhone 11 repaired quickly and with a 90-day warranty, in Lithgow even! iPhone 11 fixedContinue reading “iPhone 11 Repairs Lithgow”

iPhone Notifications class

Are notifications driving you nuts? New class! “How to get control of your notifications and spam!If you are missing important messages because your phone is flooding you with notifications! This is the class for you! Class is taught at basic levels so even if you have never used a smartphone you will understand every step!Continue reading “iPhone Notifications class”