Yarrr! What does opening a phone and Mac repair shop have to do with pirates?

If you are thinking of piracy having to do with BitTorrent …. I’m not that guy. (I have Married a Copyright lawyer…besides, I like open source software ). But there is this quote from Steve Jobs that has always inspired me. “Why join the navy if you can be a pirate?” Steve Jobs I haveContinue reading “Yarrr! What does opening a phone and Mac repair shop have to do with pirates?”

Coffee Shop and Coding in Bathrust

About once a week I go to the Bathurst Seymour Centre to teach computer literacy for Seniors. Honestly, it is one of my favourite classes to teach. As the students are always happy to see me. We often get sidetracked and talk about life, the universe and everything. And other times I help fix theirContinue reading “Coffee Shop and Coding in Bathrust”

2013 Mac Pro Still kicks ass!

I love this Mac Pro. I wish this one belonged to me but it belongs to one of my clients. She brought it in for a tune-up and a few software issues. (My specialty is software issues). While I had it and she was away for two weeks I had a chance to play withContinue reading “2013 Mac Pro Still kicks ass!”

Blackheath Mac Repairs

We opened our shop just after COVID started. Made redundant by my former employer and the reality that nobody in the area has my level of Apple repair experience… I opened my own shop. Now I do, Katoomba, Lithgow and Blackheath Mac Repairs. Mac software expert When I say that I know Apple software. I’mContinue reading “Blackheath Mac Repairs”

Katoomba Apple Expert

If you have been to my blog before you would know that I’m a former Applecare employee who was trained in California. This does make me an expert at all things Apple. I was working at one of the local computer repair shops in Katoomba however COVID put my employer in a bad situation andContinue reading “Katoomba Apple Expert”

Never too busy to back up your device?

I just got done backing up all my data on all my devices. I do this about once a week. A few of the devices I back up every hour!!! If you are wondering why someone who is a Mac tech expert is spending so much backing up his iMac, Macbook and iPhone? The reasonContinue reading “Never too busy to back up your device?”

Is your Macbook overheating?

My Macbook is overheating what can I do about it? This is a common question I get with customers about their Macbooks. This post will help you decide if your Macbook needs to be fixed or you just need to change some settings. What do you mean overheating? I hear the word overheating. but isContinue reading “Is your Macbook overheating?”

Time Machine your M1 Mac!!

I do not have an M1 Mac yet! You know those expensive hobbies like living indoors and eating seem to get in the way of upgrading my computers. (That is ok I’m really good at keeping the old Macbooks running) The M1 Mac is fast, crazy battery life, and a data recovery nightmare. It willContinue reading “Time Machine your M1 Mac!!”

MacBook Batteries: Testing new Suppliers

All Batteries wear out at some point. MacBooks are not immune to battery failure. Replacing MacBook Batteries is not a hard task however I have not been happy with the quality of batteries my previous employers have used. Many will work just fine for an HP or a PC but will cause a Macbook proContinue reading “MacBook Batteries: Testing new Suppliers”

Apple Computer Repairs Lithgow 2790

Need Apple Computer Repairs in Lithgow? With 15 years of experience servicing Apple Computers. I am an Apple Award-winning support tech who actually worked for Apple for eight years! Five working at Applecare as a Software Specialist and three as an Apple Genius at the Bondi Apple store. We have been slowly moving westward untilContinue reading “Apple Computer Repairs Lithgow 2790”