Will AI artists replace human artists?

While many of you folks think of me as being a computer geek and programmer this is a relatively new scheme in my life. I’m also an artist and have been so since the day I was born. I come from a long line of artists and five generations of paintings hang in my livingContinue reading “Will AI artists replace human artists?”

Is your Apple device still safe?

The news is flooded with some scary reports of Apple devices being vulnerable to being taken over by hackers. But the Mac Cybersecurity community is wondering why this is news because Apple already released an update to fix the problem. Let’s talk about this “Hack” So what is this hack all about? There is whatContinue reading “Is your Apple device still safe?”

Software does not have to be expensive to work. look at Open Source Software for Mac

I will start off by saying that I can’t spell and the word “Source” is one of those that I never seem to get right. (ADHD & Dyslexia) So expect an error to 10 in this post. What is Open Source software? Open source software is software with source code that anyone can inspect, modify,Continue reading “Software does not have to be expensive to work. look at Open Source Software for Mac”

We moved the Opening Date to Aug 13th

Sometimes you have to delay. While we could open the shop bare bones with just enough to do the work we have decided that we do not want to kill ourselves in the process. So we changed the opening date to AUG 13th.

Yarrr! What does opening a phone and Mac repair shop have to do with pirates?

If you are thinking of piracy having to do with BitTorrent …. I’m not that guy. (I have Married a Copyright lawyer…besides, I like open source software ). But there is this quote from Steve Jobs that has always inspired me. “Why join the navy if you can be a pirate?” Steve Jobs I haveContinue reading “Yarrr! What does opening a phone and Mac repair shop have to do with pirates?”

Still working on the new Mac and phone repair shop!

I think the hardest part of opening the Mac & Phone repair shop is finding the time to do so while staying open. Here I was thinking that I could work on the new shop in between repairs….. but with the other phone repair shops in town closing down I have been flooded with allContinue reading “Still working on the new Mac and phone repair shop!”

Apple & Google pay safer than credit cards in your wallet

I am not always one of those people who dive head first into new tech! No really! I was one of those people who said that Video cameras on smartphones were going to be a dud! (Yeah … maybe stock advice from me is not the best idea) Paying for things from your phone wasContinue reading “Apple & Google pay safer than credit cards in your wallet”

Now offering refurbished iPhones & iPads

I’m very picky about the services and products we offer. So when I found a distributor for refurbished iPhones, I had to take another closer look. I did my research, checked reviews and even made a few phone calls. I even ordered iPhone 8 for my wife. She has been using it for about threeContinue reading “Now offering refurbished iPhones & iPads”

The Joy in teaching

Teaching is one of those things that if there was a way to have all my bills paid and just a little left over for an occasional Mac upgrade I would teach for free. The joy in teaching. Unfortunately, I do need to run a business in order to keep the lights on and haveContinue reading “The Joy in teaching”

iPhone not charging

Have you ever had one of those days when you wake up to find out that your iPhone had not charged? This can be a big problem if you have one of those jobs where you need your iPhone. I hate this! There have been a few times when I have left the house withContinue reading “iPhone not charging”