Katoomba Senior Tech Classes

I love to teach tech to seniors. While many assume that they are too old to learn how to use computers or smart devices, most of the time that is because nobody has taken the time to teach them correctly. This is where I come in. Katoomba Senior Tech Classes will focus on making aContinue reading “Katoomba Senior Tech Classes”

Blackheath Mac Repairs

We opened our shop just after COVID started. Made redundant by my former employer and the reality that nobody in the area has my level of Apple repair experience… I opened my own shop. Now I do, Katoomba, Lithgow and Blackheath Mac Repairs. Mac software expert When I say that I know Apple software. I’mContinue reading “Blackheath Mac Repairs”

Katoomba Apple Expert

If you have been to my blog before you would know that I’m a former Applecare employee who was trained in California. This does make me an expert at all things Apple. I was working at one of the local computer repair shops in Katoomba however COVID put my employer in a bad situation andContinue reading “Katoomba Apple Expert”

We got busy! Book Online!

Ever have one of those moments when you start to have problems double booking because everyone wants to see you at the same time. Well, I had that problem last week. Lucky I was able to change some dates around and make it all work. Being that I’m one of those people who learn fromContinue reading “We got busy! Book Online!”

Never too busy to back up your device?

I just got done backing up all my data on all my devices. I do this about once a week. A few of the devices I back up every hour!!! If you are wondering why someone who is a Mac tech expert is spending so much backing up his iMac, Macbook and iPhone? The reasonContinue reading “Never too busy to back up your device?”

iPad Unavailable where in Lithgow to get this fixed?

Did your iPad post lock you out with the sign iPad Unavailable? This is an Apple security feature that is meant to keep the bad guys out of your iPad. Well, I have good news and bad news for you. Good news first I can fix your iPad. There is nothing broken with your iPad.Continue reading “iPad Unavailable where in Lithgow to get this fixed?”

Can you spot the Scam?

Part of my personal study of scams is spending a lot of time on Facebook groups reading about how people got scammed. Most of the people in the group are victims of Romance scams. They hope to find more information about their scammer and get their money back. Unfortunately, this opens them up to aContinue reading “Can you spot the Scam?”

Anti-Virus can’t save you if you always use the same password

The other day I had a customer come in who had their Facebook account hacked. She mentioned that she never uses Facebook and was not sure how she got hacked? She did not like my next question Do you use the same password for everything? She mentioned that she uses the same password all theContinue reading “Anti-Virus can’t save you if you always use the same password”

Why I will no longer repair iPads

I used to repair iPads but I noticed a pattern. I was losing money and time. iPads are fantastic devices. I am even considering getting an iPad Pro at some point. However, they are a nightmare to repair. I know that on April 1st I posted a joke blog post about no longer repairing MacContinue reading “Why I will no longer repair iPads”

Apple Software update or else!

I know that people hear a lot of bad things about software updates, but when you really think about it most of the people who say they have issues with software updates are the people who are using Windows computers. Mac computers do not have the same issues (Or the issues with updates are notContinue reading “Apple Software update or else!”