Yarrr! What does opening a phone and Mac repair shop have to do with pirates?

If you are thinking of piracy having to do with BitTorrent …. I’m not that guy. (I have Married a Copyright lawyer…besides, I like open source software ). But there is this quote from Steve Jobs that has always inspired me. “Why join the navy if you can be a pirate?” Steve Jobs I haveContinue reading “Yarrr! What does opening a phone and Mac repair shop have to do with pirates?”

New Shop Coming to Lithgow Soon

When we opened MacMason Repairs and Training it was right in the middle of COVID lockdowns. I had been laid off from my previous employer in Katoomba, and there is not any Mac shops in the area. Until my wife pointed out to me that there are no Mac Shops in the area! So weContinue reading “New Shop Coming to Lithgow Soon”

Mac Apps that I use every day June 2022

There always seems to talk about new Mac apps all the time. However today I want to talk about the few apps that I use every day. The software, may not be the most flashy but gets the job done. Here is my list for June 2022. I do want to mention I do notContinue reading “Mac Apps that I use every day June 2022”

macOS Ventura coming soon

I think I may be the only guy in Lithgow who is excited about macOS Ventura! I even got up at 3 AM to watch the WWDC. Some people say I’m crazy to get up that early to watch an Apple product announcement. I say… do you really want someone to repair your iMac ifContinue reading “macOS Ventura coming soon”

What I wanted from WWDC and Apple did not give

I am one of those Apple geeks who get really excited about new products when they are announced during the WWDC. I actually worked at Apple in California when the Macbook Air was announced. I also spent a lot of time with the folks who developed the iWork and Life apps. I can tell youContinue reading “What I wanted from WWDC and Apple did not give”

New Apple Products at WWDC

You know you are an Apple geek when you wake up at 3:00 AM to watch WWDC live. Yes, I am that kind of geek! I’m barely awake and the only things keeping me awake are my coffee and the excitement of what Apple is going to announce. While I am an appreciator of AppleContinue reading “New Apple Products at WWDC”

Should you upgrade to macOS Monterey today?

I personally love it when there is a new operating system to explore. I like to play with all of the new features Apple has to offer. I also love playing with the little quirks that sometimes happens when a new OS comes out. … Then again I’m geeky like that… upgrading to macOS MontereyContinue reading “Should you upgrade to macOS Monterey today?”

Time Machine your M1 Mac!!

I do not have an M1 Mac yet! You know those expensive hobbies like living indoors and eating seem to get in the way of upgrading my computers. (That is ok I’m really good at keeping the old Macbooks running) The M1 Mac is fast, crazy battery life, and a data recovery nightmare. It willContinue reading “Time Machine your M1 Mac!!”

M1 iMac and AirTags, I Told you!!!

Did I get up at 3 AM to watch the Apple Announcement about the M1 iMac? Yes, I did. I was up at 3:AM watching the event. I’m geeky like that. In a previous post about my predictions about the Apple Spring Loaded event, My predictions were actually not too bad. Everything that I predictedContinue reading “M1 iMac and AirTags, I Told you!!!”