Can you spot the Scam?

Part of my personal study of scams is spending a lot of time on Facebook groups reading about how people got scammed. Most of the people in the group are victims of Romance scams. They hope to find more information about their scammer and get their money back. Unfortunately, this opens them up to aContinue reading “Can you spot the Scam?”

How Scams make you believe them.

When I study a scam I try to understand why and how the scam works. I’m not talking about the part where you send them the money. I’m talking about the part where the scammer convinces you to trust them. Over the last few weeks, I have noted scammers using techniques I call “False Evidence”Continue reading “How Scams make you believe them.”

RV Facebook Scam

Wednesday at 6 AM my fuzzy alarm clock informed me it was time to feed her. (KittyNinja really loves her breakfast) So half asleep waiting for my coffee to do its magic I opened up Facebook and saw that one of my friends had tagged me in a post on the Lithgow Facebook group. TheContinue reading “RV Facebook Scam”

Starting April 1st we will no longer be servicing Mac Computers

I had a long time to think about this post! It was a hard decision but it had to be done! As of April first, we will no longer be servicing Mac computers as I find them difficult to work on. The software is always buggy and I just do not enjoy it anymore. WeContinue reading “Starting April 1st we will no longer be servicing Mac Computers”

The Streamer Sugar Daddy Scam (Part Two)

So last week we talked a little about my friend who is a streamer friend of mine who was approached by a scammer on her Instagram.The sugardaddy scam (Part One) We talked a little about how streamers work very hard at their craft however this sometimes makes them the perfect target for a scam. SayingContinue reading “The Streamer Sugar Daddy Scam (Part Two)”

Stupid Scammer Tricks!

So just last night I posted on Instagram about a sugar daddy scam. Ok great, I do this often. But then this stupid scammer makes a comment on the same Instagram Post that is talking about how I hunt scammers. I warn him… So as you can see I mock him and even give himContinue reading “Stupid Scammer Tricks!”

The sugardaddy scam (Part One)

I had a friend of mine contact me about a “Sugardaddy scam”. who approached her on her Instagram. Because not all my readers are aware of what goes into creating a stream I will explain it so you understand why falling for a Sugardaddy scam is not just about greed. For those of you whoContinue reading “The sugardaddy scam (Part One)”