I do not offer web hosting

The other day someone asked me if I could maintain their website. While as much as I would love the money the biggest problem is that my skill sets are more towards python, Linux and Mac Repairs. While yes I do have the skills needed to do the job I would not feel comfortable aboutContinue reading “I do not offer web hosting”

Mac Backup … is it important?

“There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who back up and those who wish they did…. “ ~Unknown Tech support guy That phrase has been a mantra of mine for years. Every year around HSCs we would have devastated teens bring in their liquid damaged laptops praying that we would be ableContinue reading “Mac Backup … is it important?”

All hard drives are Mac hard drives

When I was working in a computer retail shop in Katoomba, we would often get people coming into find external hard drives for their Apple Computer. They would walk to the section with the drives and be confused when all the products on display were for PC. Or they would see Mac labelled drives butContinue reading “All hard drives are Mac hard drives”

Cookies on a Mac

Everyone is always asking about cookies. Are Cookies Malware? Nope! You have cookies on your mac right now! However, they are not harmful … mostly. What are cookies? Why do you care? And how do you get rid of them? It is bad to have targeted ads? I can tell when my wife has beenContinue reading “Cookies on a Mac”

Printers are evil

Before we start let’s be clear that I’m good at working with printers on OSX and MacBooks. Setting up your new printer in your home or office to work well with your Apple Computers is not a problem. But this does not change the fact that Printers are Evil. I hate printers. Printers are evilContinue reading “Printers are evil”

The Facebook Data Breach! Get ready for scams!

In 2019 Facebook had a data leak where the personal information of 500 million people was extracted by hackers. The problem is that now that the hackers have the information they wanted they have recently made the rest of the info public on the dark web. This means that anyone who can access the darkContinue reading “The Facebook Data Breach! Get ready for scams!”

Does Anti-virus slow down Macs?

I wish I could really give this a simple answer. I have been a Mac Technician for over 15 years with a strong focus on software (anyone can turn screws, really, the devil is always in the software detail). Originally, my opinion of Anti-virus for Macs was, at best PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Program), and atContinue reading “Does Anti-virus slow down Macs?”

Mac OSX Podcasts

I love podcasts for me they are the easiest way to process new information. Podcasting is actually what got me into learning about OSX and Linux in the first place. I have even produced a few podcasts of my own. One on my art (Now Podfaded) and a second podcast Called the Star-Fall Sci-fi RPGContinue reading “Mac OSX Podcasts”

Do I know when the next iPhone coming?

Because I used to work at Apple in California I will be often asked if I know when the next iPhone or Apple Computer coming. Honestly, even when I worked there I had no idea. Apple loves a secret. Honestly, it’s kind of fun to try to figure out what they are going to produceContinue reading “Do I know when the next iPhone coming?”

Finder Icons

Here is another basic Mac blog post for you. When I teach Mac classes I will often have someone who has never used a Mac beyond getting their email and checking Facebook. I have encountered a few adults students that are afraid of clicking on any of the icons on top of the Finder Window.Continue reading “Finder Icons”