Katoomba Senior Tech Classes

I love to teach tech to seniors. While many assume that they are too old to learn how to use computers or smart devices, most of the time that is because nobody has taken the time to teach them correctly. This is where I come in. Katoomba Senior Tech Classes will focus on making aContinue reading “Katoomba Senior Tech Classes”

Katoomba Apple Expert

If you have been to my blog before you would know that I’m a former Applecare employee who was trained in California. This does make me an expert at all things Apple. I was working at one of the local computer repair shops in Katoomba however COVID put my employer in a bad situation andContinue reading “Katoomba Apple Expert”

Apple Software update or else!

I know that people hear a lot of bad things about software updates, but when you really think about it most of the people who say they have issues with software updates are the people who are using Windows computers. Mac computers do not have the same issues (Or the issues with updates are notContinue reading “Apple Software update or else!”

OSX Malware Vectors

Don’t Panic! I know that this topic can get complex and technical very quickly. But the goal of this blog post is to give information to users who have never actually removed malware from their Mac. You seasoned Mac security professionals need not dawdle. You will most likely get bored. The point is, even aContinue reading “OSX Malware Vectors”

MacBook Batteries: Testing new Suppliers

All Batteries wear out at some point. MacBooks are not immune to battery failure. Replacing MacBook Batteries is not a hard task however I have not been happy with the quality of batteries my previous employers have used. Many will work just fine for an HP or a PC but will cause a Macbook proContinue reading “MacBook Batteries: Testing new Suppliers”

Why is it important to have different passwords?

We all hate passwords. The good ones are hard to remember and the others do not really protect you. This video is part of our new series that will help explain some of the problems with using the same password for everything. Your password is only as good at the weakest website Yes, there isContinue reading “Why is it important to have different passwords?”

Does Anti-virus slow down Macs?

I wish I could really give this a simple answer. I have been a Mac Technician for over 15 years with a strong focus on software (anyone can turn screws, really, the devil is always in the software detail). Originally, my opinion of Anti-virus for Macs was, at best PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Program), and atContinue reading “Does Anti-virus slow down Macs?”

Do I know when the next iPhone coming?

Because I used to work at Apple in California I will be often asked if I know when the next iPhone or Apple Computer coming. Honestly, even when I worked there I had no idea. Apple loves a secret. Honestly, it’s kind of fun to try to figure out what they are going to produceContinue reading “Do I know when the next iPhone coming?”