How to tell your MacBook is infected with malware

It’s Monday morning. My coffee is still too hot to drink. I’m sitting on the sofa in the front room with my headphones on listening to a blog post about Apple malware. (I convert text to speech for my Dyslexia). I had to stop the audio because the advice the really bad advice the authorContinue reading “How to tell your MacBook is infected with malware”

Should you upgrade to macOS Monterey today?

I personally love it when there is a new operating system to explore. I like to play with all of the new features Apple has to offer. I also love playing with the little quirks that sometimes happens when a new OS comes out. … Then again I’m geeky like that… upgrading to macOS MontereyContinue reading “Should you upgrade to macOS Monterey today?”

Major OSX Security Update! Update Now!

Apple Fixes a huge security flaw but you need to update! On Monday, April 26 Apple released a major security update for OSX! This update will address a flaw in Apples OSX security that is actively being exploited by hackers and cybercriminals. This means it is not a theory! Someone is using the exploit toContinue reading “Major OSX Security Update! Update Now!”

OSX Malware Vectors

Don’t Panic! I know that this topic can get complex and technical very quickly. But the goal of this blog post is to give information to users who have never actually removed malware from their Mac. You seasoned Mac security professionals need not dawdle. You will most likely get bored. The point is, even aContinue reading “OSX Malware Vectors”

Does Anti-virus slow down Macs?

I wish I could really give this a simple answer. I have been a Mac Technician for over 15 years with a strong focus on software (anyone can turn screws, really, the devil is always in the software detail). Originally, my opinion of Anti-virus for Macs was, at best PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Program), and atContinue reading “Does Anti-virus slow down Macs?”

That Green light that warns you the mac webcam is on

As a computer tech, the amount of times that I have seen a computer with a sticky bandage over the camera is beyond my ability to count. As someone who understands a bit about Mac security, I totally understand why you would want to do that. But as a tech educator, I have a hadContinue reading “That Green light that warns you the mac webcam is on”

Latest Mac Malware that has experts worried

I’m not just a tech. I am a NERD. I love to read about the all latest Apple Mac things, all the time. And the current “latest thing” is malware. Where most people have their RSS feed and email give them reports on politics, recipes, hobbies or the next cricket match, I’m the guy who’sContinue reading “Latest Mac Malware that has experts worried”

Do Macs get Viruses? Mac Malware Removal in the Blue Mountains.

Before we get started we need to talk about the difference between a Virus and Malware. A virus is a rather nasty kind of malware that tries to infect as many computers as possible and does not require a lot of effort on your part to do so. Malware is software that is meant toContinue reading “Do Macs get Viruses? Mac Malware Removal in the Blue Mountains.”

Remove Flash from your Mac today.

We all loved Adobe Flash, back in the day. I remember watching some really creative websites that used Flash. However, Adobe has stopped supporting this software. It is time to remove flash from your mac. If you are still using or installed the Flash plug-in on your Mac computer recently, I have bad news forContinue reading “Remove Flash from your Mac today.”

Free Class: How to stay safe online for Seniors!

We are going to have free presentation online tomorrow. 2:00-3:30 PM Wed Feb 17th at the Lithgow Information and Neighbourhood center! Learn the basics of staying online The class is going to cover some of the basics to make using the internet safer. This is not your normal computer class where the greatest risk isContinue reading “Free Class: How to stay safe online for Seniors!”