The sugardaddy scam (Part One)

I had a friend of mine contact me about a “Sugardaddy scam”. who approached her on her Instagram. Because not all my readers are aware of what goes into creating a stream I will explain it so you understand why falling for a Sugardaddy scam is not just about greed. For those of you whoContinue reading “The sugardaddy scam (Part One)”

Lonely Hearts Scam: Day 5 “Showing money you don’t have”

As the conversation with the con artists continues. The conversation is starting to take some interesting steps. “Alice” is starting to show off some of “Her money” by showing off her new car. The conversation was me just asking if they had a good day. I’m not one for cars. Honestly, my midlife crisis wouldContinue reading “Lonely Hearts Scam: Day 5 “Showing money you don’t have””

Anatomy of a “Lonely Hearts Scam” Day Two: Alignment

In a previous post, I was contacted by a con artist who mistakenly thought that I might be a good mark. Little did they know I study con artists and online scams. If you are just joining us start there. What is Conversation Alignment? Conversation Alignment is establishing a bias in our minds artificially byContinue reading “Anatomy of a “Lonely Hearts Scam” Day Two: Alignment”