How to remember passwords: Part two

it is hard to remember passwords. If you are a senior or adult who keeps forgetting passwords… guess what? Not only are you not alone but it has nothing to do with being a senior. My kids were always forgetting their passwords to the email account they use for homework (Oddly enough not the passwordContinue reading “How to remember passwords: Part two”

Senior Computer Training: Most mistakes wins!

Teaching adults how to use a computer is something that I’m passionate about. I not only get paid to do this but I believe that everyone has the ability to learn. Over the last 15 years of providing Senior Computer Training, I have heard every excuse on the planet by someone who thinks they cannotContinue reading “Senior Computer Training: Most mistakes wins!”

Senior Mac Classes: Am I too old to learn computers?

NO!!! You are not !! I have been teaching Senior Mac Classes for over 15 years. It is very rare that there is someone who can’t learn about computers. However, what is very common is people who refuse to learn computers. This blog post is going to address some of the more common statements IContinue reading “Senior Mac Classes: Am I too old to learn computers?”

People hate passwords

I have been teaching adults how to use computers for over 15 years now. My favourite class to teach is for seniors who just need a little help getting past some of the concepts of using a computer. Some love using computers to do creative projects or make their business life just a little bitContinue reading “People hate passwords”

Help Lithgow Avoid Email Scams: The Inheritance Lawyer

Like most days I love to get up make breakfast sit in my backyard and breath in the clean blue mountains air. I will often drink my coffee while I look at my email. It’s a good way to start my day. But today I noted that I’m getting more email scams than normal. IContinue reading “Help Lithgow Avoid Email Scams: The Inheritance Lawyer”

Apple Mac Repairs in Katoomba

Not too long ago, I was working in the Katoomba area repairing macs. However, because of COVID-19, the boss had to make a few of us redundant. (I know it was a hard decision for him) With some careful consideration with my wife, we have decided to open our Mac repairs in Katoomba and BlueContinue reading “Apple Mac Repairs in Katoomba”