Is your phone battery expanding?

Phone batteries can expand due to a few reasons, but the most common reason is the buildup of gas inside the battery. Lithium-ion batteries, which are commonly used in phones, contain a flammable electrolyte that can produce gas when the battery is charged or discharged. The gas can build up inside the battery, causing it to expand and sometimes even bulge or rupture.

One reason for gas buildup is overcharging or over-discharging the battery. When a battery is charged too much or too quickly, it can generate more heat than the battery can dissipate, causing the electrolyte to break down and release gas. Over-discharging can also cause the battery to generate gas, as the electrolyte can break down and produce hydrogen gas.

Another reason for battery expansion is physical damage or exposure to high temperatures. If a phone is dropped or subjected to extreme temperatures, the battery can be punctured or damaged, leading to the release of gas and expansion of the battery.

It’s important to note that an expanded or bulging battery is a sign of potential danger, as it can rupture or even catch fire or explode. If you notice your phone battery expanding or bulging, it’s important to stop using the phone immediately and seek assistance from a professional technician or manufacturer.

What should you do if your battery is expanding

  1. Stop using the phone ASAP! There is potential danger of fire if the battery is damaged!
  2. Get the phone or laptop serviced by a technician
  3. Back up your data before being serviced.

What happens if you ignore the expanding battery.

Most of the time the battery will slowly expand to the point that the LCD will crack adding to the cost of the repair. It not only safer but less expensive to have the phone repaired sooner than later.

The number of times I have seen a battery crack a LCD from inside the phone is enough for you to consider getting the phone repaired right away.

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