Sponsoring the Star-Fall Actual Play Podcast!

I’m not new to podcasting. In fact, we have been involved in the podcasting community for many years before the idea of starting a phone and Mac repair business even crossed our minds. Kevin has been producing and directing the Star-Fall Actual play podcast that is about to start its fourth season.

Sci-Fi stories told in Audio dramas and RPG

Star-Fall is an Audio drama mixed with Roleplaying (Impromptu storytelling where the cast is unaware of the outcome of the story similar to Dungeons and Dragons). If you are looking for fun sci-fi (Suited more for adults than children … listener discretion is advised) we suggest you take to listen to our podcast.

Why are we sponsoring the show?

The podcast is an example of the skills you can learn by taking our classes.

  • How to record a podcast
  • how to edit a podcast
  • building a website
  • Digital art
  • Sound special effects
  • Software like Audacity, Apple Logic, and Audre.
  • How to find public domain music and sound effects.

While we are aware that this show will not be everyone’s cup of tea the skills required to run the show are the same. In the meantime, the ads at the bottom of the episodes will help with our SEO for our website.

Can we teach you how to podcast? YES!

IF you would like to learn how to make your own podcast or youtube channel feel free to contact us and sign up for one of our classes. We have personal training and future group classes available

Personal training is done in one hour blocks for $75 an hour

Group classes are $15 per person per session.