Upgrade vs repair your iPhone?

The question of if you should upgrade or repair your iPhone is a good one. I wish the answer would be as simple as sure get your iPhone repaired (that would be good for my business). But honestly, it’s more complex than that! Here are a few things to consider when trying to decide ifContinue reading “Upgrade vs repair your iPhone?”

Where to get iPhone cables in Lithow

If you are looking to get a replacement iPhone charging cable in Lithgow you need to know that they are all the same. While we do carry a large selection of Apple lighting cables we should check to see if you need one first. iPhone charging cables are essential accessories for anyone who owns anContinue reading “Where to get iPhone cables in Lithow”

Solar Powerbanks

In today’s world, staying connected is essential, and that means we need to have our electronic devices with us at all times. But what happens when our devices run out of battery while we’re on the go? This is where a solar-powered power bank comes in handy. A solar-powered power bank is a portable deviceContinue reading “Solar Powerbanks”

Lithgow iPhone Repair

If you’re an iPhone or iPad owner in Lithgow NSW, you want to make sure your device is in good hands when it comes to repairs. That’s where MacMason Training and Repairs comes in. We are a local Lithgow business that offers top-quality iPhone and iPad repair services. Our team of expert technicians has yearsContinue reading “Lithgow iPhone Repair”

Refurbished iPhone X Lithgow

Where to get a great refurbished iPhone in Lithgow? If you are thinking that I’m going to say MacMason you would be right. I have been using the iPhone X for some time and am very happy with that model. With that, I recommend that if you need to upgrade from an iPhone 6 orContinue reading “Refurbished iPhone X Lithgow”

Senior Computer Classes, you can undestand

The problem with most computer trainers is they think that everyone is either a computer expert or an idiot. This is a bad place for a computer class to start for anyone, not alone a senior. What a lot of computer teachers do not understand or take the time to learn is that most seniorsContinue reading “Senior Computer Classes, you can undestand”

Friendliest Phone repairs in Lithgow

Gone are the days when computer and phone technicians could get away with rude attitudes towards their clients and co-workers. As technology skills have become more widespread, it’s important for tech professionals to have people skills too. At our phone repair shop in Lithgow, we prioritize providing friendly and helpful service to our customers. WhileContinue reading “Friendliest Phone repairs in Lithgow”

Is your phone battery expanding?

Phone batteries can expand due to a few reasons, but the most common reason is the buildup of gas inside the battery. Lithium-ion batteries, which are commonly used in phones, contain a flammable electrolyte that can produce gas when the battery is charged or discharged. The gas can build up inside the battery, causing itContinue reading “Is your phone battery expanding?”

iPhone or Samsung what is better?

When it comes to choosing between an iPhone and a Samsung device, the decision can be difficult. Both Apple and Samsung are industry leaders in the smartphone market and both offer a wide range of devices to choose from. While both brands have their own pros and cons, in this article, we’ll compare some ofContinue reading “iPhone or Samsung what is better?”