Who repairs Mac in Blackheath?

Now and then I get someone who comes into the shop from Blackheath just to get their iPhone or Mac Repaired. So I guess the answer to who repairs Macs in Blackheath? is us 🙂

Better than driving to Penrith

While it is true we are not an Apple store it is a nicer drive from Blackheath to Lithgow for a repair. But if you don’t mind the drive or just happen to be in Lithgow Feel free to drop by and say hi!

While you are here take a look at what Lithgow has to offer. We have lovely cafes and some kick-ass Pizza from the Hub!

We can do more than the Apple store.

So to be clear the Apple Store is amazing and they really know their stuff. Their customer service is super and they will often give you the best price for current device repairs. However, they are limited in what kind of repairs they can do!

Not only can we repair out-of-warranty and vintage Apple products, Offer refurbished iPhones and Macs, but We can also work on Android & Linux devices. Kevin is a former Applecare software specialist with an understanding beyond what is normally taught to the members of the Genius bar (Kevin worked there too for three years,,,, so he knows)

We can repair that vintage Mac and upgrade it beyond its normal specs! Sometimes can load an operating system beyond Apple’s recommendation.

We can also work with Non-Apple software to find a solution for your computer glitches.

Personal Training and Group Classes too

Not every Mac in Blackheath needs repair. If your problem with computers is more with how to use a computer we can help there too. Kevin has been teaching seniors how to use computers for over 20 years. There is no question that is considered dumb.

Mac Repairs in Blackheath

While we are not actually in Blackheath we are not a far drive for a repair. Come on down and say hi we will be happy to take a look and see how we can help.