You are not dumb, just uninformed. The problem is the Technican not you!

Many people often feel intimidated or insecure when it comes to dealing with technology issues. This may be due to the fact that they are not accustomed to using computers or they feel that they lack the necessary skills to operate them efficiently. Unfortunately, this mindset can be reinforced by the behavior of some computer technicians who may come across as arrogant or dismissive towards those who seek their help.

As someone who has been involved in the tech industry, I have witnessed the negative impact that this behavior can have on people’s confidence and self-esteem. I have seen how some technicians who were once bullied for their lack of social skills or athleticism, have become the new bullies in their IT jobs. Instead of being empathetic and supportive, they sometimes exhibit a superiority complex and act as if fixing a computer issue is beneath them.

This attitude can be particularly frustrating for people who are seeking help with technology-related problems. They may feel belittled or even stupid, which can only serve to reinforce their negative mindset towards technology. However, I believe that this problem can be addressed by changing the approach of computer technicians when working with non-tech-savvy individuals.

Many techs prefer to have their clients dependent on their technical advice and will always seem to avoid empowering their clients to learn tech.

My advice to those techs who need to work with non-computer-geeks

Rather than assuming that the person is unintelligent, technicians should strive to be patient, empathetic, and willing to explain things in simple terms. They should avoid using technical jargon and instead focus on breaking down the issue into manageable steps that anyone can understand. They should also be willing to answer any questions that the person may have and provide resources that can help them improve their skills.

In conclusion, technology can be a challenging field to navigate, especially for those who are not familiar with it. However, by adopting a more supportive and patient approach, computer technicians can help to dispel the negative mindset that many people have toward technology. By doing so, they can empower individuals to become more confident and capable users of technology.

Ignore the tech trolls! They don’t know how to talk to non-geeks

The hardest part of my job teaching seniors how to use computers is not teaching them. It reminds them they are brilliant people who are fully able to learn. . . . once they get past some of the fears associated with using computers. These fears often come from some computer techs who spend too much time telling them what they did wrong in a language they don’t understand.

What the tech said

“Well that was dumb you should have set the SMTP server to this server”

What the senior heard


What should have been said?

“Oh, I see the problem I have done this myself twice last week. There is a typo in the settings let me fix this for you! If you like I can explain what I am doing”

By changing how you phrase how you explain tech you can empower people to solve problems for themselves or at least not be fearful of the tech. Always assume the person with the technical problem is smarter than you. Never say anything that may reinforce the idea they are not able to do tech.

Our computer classes!

Our computer classes are designed from the ground up to work with seniors and adults to empower them to find their own answers! Our goal is not to create a false dependency but to have our clients thrive in this new digital world!